ABS Plastic Sheet

ABS sheet is durable thermoplastic sheets used in the signage industry for various signage applications. It is more durable than corrugated plastic and thus used for medium-term signage applications, it is also fairly cheap and more affordable to make a sign with compared to steel signboard. ABS sheet is commonly used for emergency signage (exit, fire extinguisher etc.), toilet signs as well as the omnipresent “No smoking” sign. ABS sheet is available in various colours, lengths and thicknesses.

Yellow ABS sheet

Uses for ABS sheet
Small to medium format signage
Medium-term signage
Emergency signs
Point of sale shop displays
Promotional rulers

How to brand ABS sheet
Screen printing
Self-adhesive vinyl

Yellow ABS sign branded with vinyl

Examples of ABS sheet signs

Fire hydrant ABS sheet signs

Gun free zone ABS sheet sign

ABS sheet signs at a market

ABS sheet signs at a shop in Cape Town