ABS sheet is durable thermoplastic sheets used in the signage industry for various signage applications. It is more durable than corrugated plastic and thus used for medium-term signage applications, it is also fairly cheap and more affordable to make a sign with compared to steel signboard. ABS sheet is commonly used for emergency signage (exit, […]

Magnetic sheeting is a flexible magnetized rubber-based material with a white or coloured coating sold in sheet or roll form. It is used for semi-permanent and temporary advertising or signage. Magnetic sheet is also used to make fridge magnets. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses: the thinner around 0.5mm thick is intended for […]

Sign vinyl (known simply as vinyl) is a thin self-adhesive vinyl film widely used in the signage industry for various branding applications. Vinyl can be cut using a computer-aided vinyl cutter/plotter or can be printed onto using screen-printing or a wide format printer. In some instances, cut vinyl is used instead of screen-printing for low […]

Acrylic Sheet, also known as acrylic glass as well as by its brand names Acrylite, Altuglas, Lucite, Optix (Plaskolite), Oroglas, Perspex and Plexiglas is a durable plastic used in the signage industry. Acrylic sheet is available in various colours and thicknesses and can be fabricated into various forms. Opal acrylic sheet is usually used in […]